Bye, Bye Snow.

     Bye Snow, see you in a few months. Even though this morning I can see more of the garden area and more of the yard and flower beds. Took a walk around the yard, looking to see the Tulips and Daffodils and one Sweet William enter for the spring season. Soon even more of … More Bye, Bye Snow.

Winter Storm Xantos

      Watching the Weather Channel all day Saturday. Knowing eventually we were going to get a visit soon enough, led me to writing a list of what I can do instead of feeling depressed as I have been waiting for spring, waiting for the spring flowers to bloom. Upon going to bed last night (12am), … More Winter Storm Xantos

Its Been A Few Days

I know I haven’t posted in the past couple of days since I last posted. Been busy with meal planning. Even though there’s still a lot of snow, I still have to think of the gardens and changes for that, so its more successful this year. Been working on New recipe’s and working on “Angels … More Its Been A Few Days

Blueberry Crisp

         For National Pi Day, Was going to make a peach pie, but we only had Blueberries and rhubarb in the freezer. Chose the blueberries as I wanted to try them in a crisp. So this is what we made and if they would come out with Smellapics. The smell of the crisp and blueberries … More Blueberry Crisp

A Little Quiet time

Normally On Sunday’s its baking day. I haven’t done any baking yet as since National Pie Day is on March 14th, Still thinking on which Pie Recipe to try.  On top of that Next Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. Going through Irish Cookbooks to see what dishes we will be making. Also need to remember … More A Little Quiet time

Winter Blue Rant

      After the mild temperatures last week. I was hoping that spring would soon be upon us. Oh was I wrong. Sunday We had a few flurries in the morning. Monday, it snowed most of the day and had stopped in the early evening. This morning we were woken up by the phone ringing at … More Winter Blue Rant